Vista small tips

Faster indexing:

Start –> Write indexing options and enter

Click modify and then show all locations

uncheck from tree all except start menu and click ok

You can change from here the type of files that you want to index.


How to make faster the search from start menu:

Right click start button and choose properties at the tab start menu, then click customize and uncheck search communications. Then put radio button search files to Don’t Search for files and click ok.


How to make your SATA disk faster:

Click on start and write device manager, hit enter. Choose disk drives and click + to expand. Right click in your disk and in tab policies check enable advanced performance. Experience it…


Vista have readyboost

They let you use a usb flash disk for paging file instead of hard disk when you do not have many free RAM.

Find a USB 2.0 flash. It is good to write more than 3 MB/s and read at least 4 MB/s

Plug usb disk in your pc and right click at removable storage device and then properties. You will see a tab readyboost, chek at use this device and insert the size you want to use from the usb disk and then click OK.