Get out from Recovery Mode Loop on iPhone

Download Here the following files for Mac and Windows users (iRecovery for Windows & Mac and LibUsb-Win32). Windows users should also download this version of  iRecovery from here.

Follow these steps:

1. Install libusb (Windows users only). Windows Vista users follow the extra steps below to install Libusb-Win32.

  • Right click on the file. Select Properties | Compatibility Click the “Run this program in compatibility mode” box and select  “Windows XP (Service Pack2)” from the drop down list.
  • Right click again and select “Run as “Administrator”. Follow the installation instructions. Running the test program list the usb devices plugged into my computer – but not my new device.

2) Start iRecovery in Terminal / Console by typing: irecovery -s

3) Execute the following commands in the provided shell:

	setenv auto-boot true

4) Reboot your iPhone by holding home and sleep button for 10 seconds.