Sony Ericsson Kicks Off Work on Android 2.3 Gingerbread

Japanese-Swedish mobile phone maker Sony Ericsson has already started the work on Android 2.3 Gingerbread, most probably getting ready for bringing to the spotlight the first handset based on this OS version.

Nothing was announced officially on any upcoming Android-based mobile phone, but the arrival of Android 2.3 Gingerbread in the company’s labs was already confirmed.

Simon Walker, the Head of the Developer Program for Sony Ericsson, seems pretty happy about this, and even announced on his Twitter account (via that the handset vendor started the work on Gingerbread.

“Android Gingerbread come out last week finally! Too much delay Google. Busy weeks to come for me and the team, but all worth it big time,” Simon Walker stated on Twitter.

As any other mobile phone maker which already released devices running under Android, Sony Ericsson was expected to adopt Android 2.3 too.

However, it seems that there’s more to mention here, as some of the latest rumors around the Internet suggested that the company is readying the release of some new handsets that would be based on this Android flavor.

Among them, we can count the long rumored PlayStation Phone, which supposedly sports the codename of Zeus Z1, as well as a Sony Ericsson ANZU, which was said at one point to be set to land on shelves as Xperia X12.

No official confirmation on the matter emerged, but the fact that Sony Ericsson started the work on Gingerbread could mean a lot.

Word on the street is that these devices are set to make an official appearance sometime in the first quarter of the next year, most probably at MWC in Barcelona.

If indeed real, and we have all the reasons to believe so, the PlayStation Phone should prove a nice addition to the company’s lineup, as it is expected to offer a great gaming experience to all users, through PlayStation integration.

Hopefully, Sony Ericsson won’t let us wait too long before making an official announcement on this device. Stay tuned for more.

Add a word in front or at the end of each line

Lets say that you have a file with 1000 lines and you want to add the word start in front of each line and the word end in the end of each line. What can you do?
Let’s assume that the file is named magic.txt the command will be:
sed ‘s/^/start/g;s/$/end/g’ magic.txt

So if you want to add only in front of file use:
sed ‘s/^/start/g’ magic.txt

and if you want to add a word only at the end of the file:
sed ‘s/$/end/g’ magic.txt

Isn’t it simple?