Free speller for Office 2011

You want to have a speller in your native language and Microsoft does provide it? Do not worry, the solution is simple.
What you will need is and it’s dictionary. Choose the dictionary that you prefer (our choice el_GR.dic) and the english speller (English Speller.proofingtool) from Office.

So with the help of el_GR.dic we created a Custom Greek Dictionary.dic for word and then converted English Speller.proofingtool to Greek Speller.proofingtool, changing only some parameters at info.plist.

Set the file Custom Greek Dictionary.dic as custom dictionary for Greek language at word Preferences and the Greek Speller.proofingtool copy it at /Applications/Microsoft Office 2011/Office/Shared Applications/Proofing tools.

Do you want to try our solution for Greek language? Download the following files and follow the above steps:

Custom Greek Dictionary.dic