Connect multiple skype accounts under one account

Create a shortcut to Skype.exe and place it on Desktop or start menu. Use a name the will help you clarify which account is which. Start Skype using this shortcut and setup your first account.

Then create another shortcut to Skype.exe with a different name. Open the “Properties” of this shortcut by right-clicking on it. In the “Target” text field of the properties dialog box, append ” /secondary” (do not use the quotes) to the Skype.exe path that is already there.
For example: “C:Program FilesSkypePhoneSkype.exe” /secondary

Now you can change icons in order to identify easier each account

Use Postfix Instead of Sendmail in Trixbox

Another alternative to email notification is to use Postfix instead of Sendmail because Sendmail is not as secure besides, using Postfix is a lot easier and it is more secure than Sendmail.

If you want to proceed with it, you have to remove Sendmail and replace it with Postfix, using these 2 commands:

rpm -e –nodeps sendmail
yum -y install postfix

Following this, edit your /etc/postfix/, (use your preffered editor and add your preffered SMTP) and add:

relayhost =

Replace with your own smtp server.

You should also edit /etc/asterisk/ and set the “serveremail” parameter to your real email address.  This is to avoid messages with invalid from-addresses floating aimlessly in the Internet.

Then load Postfix.

service postfix reload

Postfix will now send all outgoing email to your ISP’s mail server.

How to Retrieve Voicemail from External Phone in Trixbox

To call in and retrieve your voicemail from external phone is as easy as simply calling your number and retrieve your voice mail.  This can be done easily if you have IVR enabled in your new TRIXBOX system. 

Five simple steps:

  1. Call my number and when the Digital Receptionist answers, I will dial my extension number prefixing it with an *. E.g. My extension number is 2001, so when the DR answers me, I will dial *2001

  2.  I will then be ask to leave a voicemail, but instead, I will dial * again.

  3. DR will ask for a password to be followed by the # key.

  4. I enter my password followed by #

  5. DR will then give me my voice mail if there is any. 

How to Change Voice Mail Greetings in Trixbox

The default Voicemail greeting is fine but it is rather bland and quite boring.  No doubt some user would like to change the standard greeting to something more personal and meaningful. 

To do so is pretty simple.  Here are the steps: 

  1. Use your existing extension and dial *97

  2. You will be asked for your password (if you have entered one)

  3. When the Voicemail IVR starts, press 0

  4. You will then be given the choice what type of message you want to record.

  5. Choose the appropriate message you want to record.

  6. Record your message “Thank you for calling,  I am either busy or on the phone.”

  7. Review your message

  8. Re-record if you want to or if you are happy with the message, choose the option to save.

 That’s all folks!!!


If you want to replace the recorded files with your’s replace the files: greet.wav or/and busy.wav or/and unavail.wav in /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/default/xxxx/ (where xxxx your extension number).


If you need to resample them:

sox -w -s -c 1 original.wav -r 8000 -c 1 resampled.wav

Trixbox check/administer voicemail remotely

If you did not modify the default Main menu option 6, use the instructions below:

  1. Dial the main number for your business (that rings to your auto attendant menu)
  2. Press 6 (this is ‘check voice mail by default’ – you can modify this at any time)
  3. Dial the extension + #
  4. Dial the pin code + #

If you have assigned the keypress option 6 to some other function, you can use the steps below:

  1. Create a new virtual extension via the Extensions –> add extension page
  2. Forward the new extension to 8500 (this is a Fonality-reserved extension for voice mail access – it cannot be changed)
  3. Dial the main number for your business (that rings to your auto attendant menu)
  4. Dial the extension you created in Step #1
  5. Dial the extension + #
  6. Dial the pin code + #

Why can’t I just dial 8500?

8500 is an internal extension, which means it is not accessible to outside callers.  Fonality made the decision to interanlize this extension because enabling the extension would create a 3 second delay in any submenu with a Key Press option 8 configured.

If your submenu has a Key Press 8 configured, and a caller presses 8 within the submenu, the system must wait for 3 seconds for additional input before executing the Key Press.  The system doesn’t know if the caller is trying to execute Key Press 8 or if they are trying to dial an 8XXX extension.

Trixbox email voicemail attachments to a group

If you need multiple people to receive a voicemail attachment as an email, you can do the following:

  1. Within your mail server, create a new distribution list
  2. Add all the employees within your company who should receive the voicemail attachment to this distribution list
  3. Click Extensions in your Admin Panel
  4. Click on the general voicemail box extension or any other extension you wish to have this functionality
  5. Insert the distribution email address under the Voicemail category
  6. Click Apply All Changes

Fonality doesn’t include this functionality by default into the system because mail servers are already engineered to handle mass distribution to multiple parties.

Trixbox Voicemail System Options

The following options are available when checking your voicemail:


Main Menu:

“1” Listen to first available message

“2” Change voicemail folder

“3” Go to Advanced Options

“0” Go to Mailbox Options

“#” Exit


During and after a message (option 1):

“2” Skip to the beginning of the message (while listening) 

“3” Go to Advanced Options

“5” Repeat current message

“6” Skip the current message

“7” Delete the current message

“8” Forward the current message to another extension

“9” Save the current message to a folder

“#” Fast forward the message 3 seconds

“*” Rewind the message 3 seconds


While in Advanced Options (option 3):

“1” Send a reply voicemail to caller

“2” Call the user back based on Caller-ID (“CallReturn”)

“3” Listen to message date and time

“4” Place an outgoing call to an external number (“CallOut”)

“*” Return to the Main menu

Note: Options 2 and 4 will function only if “CallReturn” or “CallOut” are enabled from the “Extensions” page in the administrative control panel for the user.


While in Mailbox Options (option 0):

“1” Record your unavailable message

“2” Record your busy message

“3” Record your name (used within the Name Directory)

“4” Record your temporary message/Remove your existing temporary message (supersedes all other greetings)

“5” Change your voicemail password (if your trixbox Pro is online, your queue password will automatically be updated within 5 minutes)

“*” Return to the Main menu

Trixbox Voicemail Greetings

Trixbox supports three different types of voicemail greetings configurable via the voicemail system.

Record a new voicemail greeting

  • From your phone, push the ‘voicemail’ button
  • Enter your PIN code (set by your administrator
  • Press 0 for ‘other options’
  • Follow the prompts to record your busy, unavailable, and/or vacation greeting


Your unavailable greeting will be used when you phone rings for a specified period of time without being answered.  As the name implies, this greeting is meant to play when you are away from the phone.


Your busy greeting will be used whenever you are on the phone and a second call comes through to your extension.  If you choose not to answer the second call, the caller will hear your busy greeting after the default ringing period (configured by your administrator)


Your vacation greeting supercedes both ‘unvailable’ and ‘busy’ greetings and plays for all incoming calls after the default ringing period (configured by your administrator).  The vacation greeting is intended for holidays and sick days.  Once recorded, it is automatically active for your voicemail box.  You must disable the greeting via the voicemail system in order to restore your unavailable and busy greetings.

Will my greetings be overwritten if I set a vacation greeting?

Remember – each greeting type is recorded into an independent sound file.  They are not dependent on each other. So your greetings will not be overwritten even if you set a vacation greeting

How to remove a Vacation greeting:

  • Login to your voicemail box
  • Press 0
  • Press 4 to enter the temporary greeting menu
  • Press 2 to remove a recorded temporary message