DataViz brings Documents To Go to the App Store

Editing documents? On a phone? We’re sure most iPhone users are a little taken aback by this prospect, but we assure you it’s completely safe and devoid of artificial preservatives. DataViz just launched its Documents To Go suite for the iPhone, which lets you edit and create Word documents, sync work files with a desktop over WiFi, and view other Office documents with the iPhone’s existing viewer — it’s not the first app to offer some of these functions for the device, but it’s the first with this level of street cred. An optional version of the app also includes a Exchange mail client with ActiveSync for accessing and editing Word documents from email, which seemingly flies in the face of Apple’s vague “don’t mess with Mail or any of our other built-in apps” policy. The basic Documents To Go app retails for a limited time at $4.99, while the Exchange version goes for $9.99 — and anyone who picks up the 1.0 version will get a free update to include Excel editing once it becomes available.