iPhone 3G S Pre-Orders All Sold Out

For the last two years running, there has been long lines outside Apple and AT&T stores prior to the launch of the latest iPhone. Some people wait in line for up to a week to ensure they walk away from the shop with an iPhone and don’t end up disappointed when the phone sells out.

Unfortunately, this year is going to be a little different. AT&T has confimed reports that pre-orders for the iPhone 3G S are completely sold out. Customers placing pre-orders now are being told their pre-order will go through but they won’t get the phone on the 19th. In fact, they’ll have to wait up to two weeks to get one. Ouch.

According to Engadget those who placed pre-orders before they sold out will have to stand in line to pick up their 3G S, but are still guaranteed a phone. Or you could chill out, sleep in, and pick your pre-ordered phone up when the queues go away.

Anyone planning on buying the latest iPhone? Unfortunately us Europeans have to wait until June 26 to get our hands on the device.