iPorn App Pulled for Causing Server Meltdown

he internet is today buzzing with talk about the iPhone’s very first adult application to hit the App Store.


Originally only showing pictures of women in lingerie or bikinis, the developers of Hottest Girls this week uploaded more pictures (bringing the total to over 2,200) which include topless and semi-nude photos.

When asked for comment, Apple said it was considering its response to the reaction received by Hottest Girls. Now that the application has disappeared from the App Store, folks are wondering if Apple pulled the application because of bad pad press.

However, according to the developer, popular demand is the reason the application is no longer available. Oh and don’t worry, the boobie buffet will still be there once it goes back online.

“The Hottest Girls app is temporarily sold out. The server usage is extremely high because of the popularity of this app. Thus, by not distributing the app, we can prevent our servers from crashing. Those who already have the app will still be able to use our app. To answer the question on everyone’s mind: Yes, the topless images will still be there when it is sold again. -ATG dev team”