Kannel parameters (escape codes)

%k the keyword in the SMS request (i.e., the first word in the SMS message)

%s next word from the SMS message, starting with the second one (i.e., the first word, the keyword, is not included); problematic characters for URLs are encoded (e.g., ’+’ becomes ’%2B’)

%S same as %s, but ’*’ is converted to ’~’ (useful when user enters a URL) and URL encoding isn’t done (all others do URL encode)

%r words not yet used by %s; e.g., if the message is «FOO BAR FOOBAR BAZ», and the has been one %s, %r will mean «FOOBAR BAZ»
%a all words of the SMS message, including the first
one, with spaces squeezed to one
%b the original SMS message, in a binary form
%t the time the message was sent, formatted as
«YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM», e.g., «1999-09-21

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