MWC 2009: Android Forgets To Join The Party

Mobile World Congress 2009 was thought to be the real coming out party for Google’s Android mobile platform. So far, it’s a bust.

Nokia’s new phones don’t run Android. HTC also failed to announce any new Android gear. Instead, it focused on announcing two new Windows Mobile 6.5 phones.

Samsung said that it will announce a Samsung phone sometime “this year.” It didn’t announce anything at this show.

LG already has picked a a smartphone platform for its future, and it isn’t Android.

Huawei said it will launch two or three Android phones later this year, but didn’t say when those launches would be, nor did it share any specifics about the handsets themselves.

There are still several large press conferences to go today, but given some of the embargoed news I’ve received, I am not aware of any Android phones being announced.

Um. What gives? Many manufacturers have committed to the Android platform. Where are the handsets? Mobile World Congress is one of the biggest mobile events of the year. Android’s failure to show up makes me very nervous about the platform’s future.

Android, where are you?