Palm Pre How To Guide – Enable Tethering Over Bluetooth!

Credit goes to fish199902 for this one.  Basically, you setup an SSH tunnel to the Pre, which supports running as a SOCKS proxy.  You then configure your browser to point to this proxy and BAM, you’re tethering away.

First, you must have rooted your Pre and installed/enabled SSH.

Connect to your Pre’s NAP (network access point) via Bluetooth:

Connect to Pre NAP to Tether

Ignore this error message on your Pre:

Ignore Pre Tether Error Message

Using PuTTY, configure the following settings under Connection -> SSH -> Tunnels:

  • Source port: 8080
  • Destination: Dynamic and Auto radio buttons
  • Click Add and you’ll see the port in the “Forwarded ports” box

Pre Tether Putty Setup

Then, initiate the SSH connection to your Pre.  Going through Bluetooth and using port 222, your connection window will look like this:

Pre Tether through SSH SOCKS proxy

Once you’re at the login screen, configure your browser’s SOCKS proxy with:

  • Address: localhost
  • Port: 8080

Pre Tether IE7 SOCKS Proxy Setup

Now you’re good to go!