Well known but usefull shortcut keys for Windows

Any version of Microsoft Windows

Shortcut Keys

Windows Key + D

Minimizes all windows and shows desktop. Also reopens all windows.

Windows Key + E

Opens a new Windows Explorer window.

Windows Key + F

Opens a new find or search function. Typically done by clicking Start, Find or Start, Search.

Windows Key + L

Locks your workstation so no one can access your desktop without your password.

Windows Key + M

Minimizes all windows.

Windows Key + M + Shift

Reopens all minimized windows.

Shortcut Keys [continued]

Windows Key + R

Opens the run command. Typically done by clicking on Start, Run.

Alt + Tab

Switches between your open windows.

Cisco cli usefull key combinations

CLI Keys            Description

Ctrl + A            Beginning Line

Ctrl + B            Backward Character

Ctrl + C            Clear line

Ctrl + D            Delete Character to the Right

Ctrl + E            End Line

Ctrl + F            Forward Character

Ctrl + H            Backspace Character to the Left

Ctrl + I            Refresh Line and Goto End

Ctrl + J            Return

Ctrl + K            Delete everything on the Right of cursor

Ctrl + L            Refresh Line

Ctrl + M            Return

Ctrl + N            Next Command

Ctrl + P            Previous Command

Ctrl + R            Refresh Line

Ctrl + T            Flip Last 2 Characters

Ctrl + U            Clear Line and Put in Buffer

Ctrl + V            Allows A Control Character To Be Typed

Ctrl + W            Delete Word Backwards and Put in Buffer

Ctrl + X            Clear Line to the Left and Put in Buffer

Ctrl + Y            Paste Buffer Contents