Use Postfix Instead of Sendmail in Trixbox

Another alternative to email notification is to use Postfix instead of Sendmail because Sendmail is not as secure besides, using Postfix is a lot easier and it is more secure than Sendmail.

If you want to proceed with it, you have to remove Sendmail and replace it with Postfix, using these 2 commands:

rpm -e –nodeps sendmail
yum -y install postfix

Following this, edit your /etc/postfix/, (use your preffered editor and add your preffered SMTP) and add:

relayhost =

Replace with your own smtp server.

You should also edit /etc/asterisk/ and set the “serveremail” parameter to your real email address.  This is to avoid messages with invalid from-addresses floating aimlessly in the Internet.

Then load Postfix.

service postfix reload

Postfix will now send all outgoing email to your ISP’s mail server.